Marilyn Burns

Author and math teacher Marilyn Burns is noted for her many books that instill an interest and enthusiasm for mathematics into her school-age readers. Her books use traditional and original literature to address mathematical concepts. In addition to her instructive children's books Marilyn is the author of many books for teachers. She has also written books for children about food, time, and Hanukkah. She says that her writing career began as a "fluke" when a friend asked her to write a book about math. This was the jumping off point for her literary career, during which she has written about a dozen books for children and the same number for teachers. She currently gives lectures and lessons in schools. Burns was born in 1941 and resides in Sausalito, CA.

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  • primary/ Book_Cover

    The Greedy Triangle

    by Marilyn Burns, Illustrated By Gordon Silveria

    Ages 5 – 7 . Grades Kindergarten – 2
  • primary/ Book_Cover

    Spaghetti And Meatballs For All!

    by Marilyn Burns, Illustrated By Debbie Tilley

    Ages 4 – 8 . Grades PreK – 3

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