Edwin Fotheringham

Current Home:

Edwin Fotheringham spent his formative years in Sydney, Australia, and was educated at the University of Washington's School of Art in Seattle, where he lives today with his family.

In 1992, after giving up on the idea of being a fine artist and stockboy, Edwin met with the eminent graphic artist Art Chantry for a portfolio review. With the response, "don't quit your day job," the gauntlet was thrown down. Never one to back away from a challenge, Mr. Fotheringham was born.

With work that has addressed subjects and markets as varied as punk rock and Neiman Marcus, The New Yorker and Ladies Home Journal, a Visa Card campaign and an elementary school auction, Mr. Fotheringham continues to enjoy solving visual problems with blotty lines.

In 2008, his first book for children was published. What to Do About Alice?, written by award-winning author Barbara Kerley, is a stylish and funny biography of Teddy Roosevelt's daughter - a maverick American hero.

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