In Their Own Words: Paul Revere : Paul Revere

Series: In Their Own Words (Scholastic Reference)

by George Sullivan

Scholastic Reference
September 2000

Ages 9 – 12 . Grades 4 – 7

Library of Congress: 99017381

Lexile measure: 740L

DRA: 40

Guided Reading: Q



On April 16, 1776, Paul Revere made his famous Midnight Ride. In Their Own Words, Paul Revere brings this legendary ride to life like never before.
Excerpts from Paul's own account of that night will excite young readers:

I turned my horse very quick, and Galloped towards Charlestown neck,
and then pushed for the Medford Road. The one who chased me,
endeavoring to Cut me off, got into a Clay pond, near where the new
Tavern is now built. I got clear of him . . .

Children will also discover that Paul was active in many of the pivotal events
that led to the Revolution. A member of the Sons of Liberty, Paul was assigned to guard the tea ship that docked in Boston Harbor. When the ship would not turn back, Paul participated in the Boston Tea Party:
Rally Mohawks! Bring out your axes,
And tell King George we'll pay no taxes
On his foreign tea . . .
Our Warren's there, and bold Revere
With hands to do and words to cheer
For Liberty and laws
Children will see Paul's sketch of the Boston Massacre that was used in the trial of the British soldiers involved in the event.. They will also find out about other famous Americans that Paul knew. Through his numerous rides as messenger, Paul became acquainted with many of the members of the Continental Congress, particularly John Hancock and Sam Adams.

In Their Own Words: Paul Revere also tells the story of a successful
businessman. Paul was an accomplished silversmith. He cast the first bell
made in America, and opened a gun powder factory in Massachusetts during the Revolution. He was asked to design and print money for the Continental
Congress, and he opened the first copper rolling mill in the country.

In Their Own Words: Paul Revere concludes by describing the ways in
which this remarkable figure is remembered today and tells children how
they can find out more about Paul Revere.
George Sullivan

George Edward Sullivan was born on August 11, 1927, in Lowell, Massachusetts. Between 1945 and 1948, he was in the US Navy, where he served as a journalist. He has written over 200 nonfiction books for children and young adults on a wide variety of topics. In 2005, his book Built To Last was honored with the Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children. Sullivan is a member of PEN, Authors Guild, Authors League of America, and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. He lives in New York with his wife.


  • Acclaim for Helen Keller and Abraham Lincoln:

    In Their Own Words biographies focus on famous people who left a record of their own lives. Beginning with an explanation of the difference between primary and secondary sources, Sullivan seamlessly interweaves information about his subject with excerpts from primary sources. In the case of Helen Keller, Sullivan uses her autobiographical works; for Lincoln, he draws on speeches and letters. Both Keller and Lincoln have been covered in numerous biographies for young people (Sullivan's own Picturing Lincoln was published last fall), but these volumes are worthwhile. The short chapters, large print, simple vocabulary, straightforward narrative, and attractive illustrations, as well as the addition of the subjects' own words, make them fine choices for early-grade biographies. They fit nicely between David Adler's Picture Book Biography series books and more challenging volumes such as Russell Freedman's classic Lincoln: A Photobiography (1987).

    ... These may not be unique biographies, but they are still well written, fast moving, and highly readable, squeezed into a small format that should appeal to many students. Both books feature black-and-white photos and reproductions, a useful index, a short bibliography of primary and secondary sources, and a short list of further readings, along with places to contact for further information. Certainly much has been written about how these two figures and many libraries will find their shelves already well stocked. Those needing more materials, however, will find these to be solid choices.
    --School Library Journal


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