The Exposed (Animorphs #27)

Series: Animorphs

by K. A. Applegate

Scholastic Inc.
August 2017

Ages 9 – 12 . Grades 4 – 7

DRA: 50

Guided Reading: U



The Animorphs have one true ally in their battle against the Yeerks: the sentient androids known as the Chee. So when they discover that the Chee -- including their friend Erek -- are in trouble, they have no choice but to help.

But the Chee's problem is much deeper than anything the kids could have imagined. It's hidden in the ocean. So far down that no human has ever travelled there and survived. The Animorphs realize what will happen if Visser Three discovers the valuable secrets of the Chee. One of which is the existence of the Animorphs...
K. A. Applegate

K. A. Applegate is the author of the bestselling Animorphs series, as well as the Remnants and Everworld series, Home of the Brave, and the Roscoe Riley Rules series. She lives in Tiburon, California.


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ISBN: 9781338216905

176pp. | 5-¼ x 7-⅝