Pilot & Huxley #1

by Dan McGuiness

April 2014

Ages 7 – 9 . Grades 2 – 4

Lexile measure: GN400L



Pilot & Huxley get zapped to another dimension by aliens seeking to enslave Earth. Things get weird when they traverse a swamp of bees, battle a sea monster, and end up in the nose of a giant dragon. But with help from a girl who can transform into a monster, they might just make it back home.
Dan McGuiness

Dan's love of comics began when he got a job with a local comic shop. It was there that he started to draw comics about his colleagues and the daily happenings in the store. He takes his inspiration from the cartoons and comics that made him laugh as a child. These days, Dan spends his time playing video games, watching cartoons, and creating children's books. PILOT & HUXLEY: THE FIRST ADVENTURE was Dan McGuiness's first book. He lives in North Adelaide, South Australia.


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ISBN: 9780545690911

64pp. | 6 x 9