Children of the Lamp #7: The Grave Robbers of Genghis Khan

Series: Children of the Lamp

by P. B. Kerr

Orchard Books
November 2011

Ages 8 – 12 . Grades 3 – 7

Library of Congress: 2011020803

Lexile measure: 860L

DRA: 60

Guided Reading: Y



Djinn twins John and Philippa are off on another enchanting, and dangerous, adventure in the last book in the bestselling Children of the Lamp series. As volcanoes begin erupting all over the world, spilling golden lava, the twins must go on a hunt for the wicked djinn who wants to rob the grave of the great Genghis Khan. Can the twins stop this latest disaster before the world is overwhelmed?

Join John and Philippa, their parents, Uncle Nimrod, and Groanin as they must defeat an evil more powerful than any they've ever faced before. . . .
P. B. Kerr

P. B. Kerr was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he developed a lifelong love of reading. Although the Children of the Lamp books are P. B. Kerr's first for children, he's well known as the thriller writer Philip Kerr, author of the Berlin Noir series, including, most recently, A QUIET FLAME; IF THE DEAD RISE NOT; A PHILOSOPHICAL INVESTIGATION; GRIDIRON; THE SHOT; and many other acclaimed novels. Mr. Kerr lives in London with his family.


  • Praise for the Children of the Lamp series:
    "Kerr puts an ingenious spin on the enchanted-lamp theme in his first novel for children. . . ." --BOOKLIST

    "A breakneck-paced, Indiana Jones-style adventure. . . . Kerr keeps the emphasis on fun. . . ." --PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

    "[T]he humor is just right, the captivating world of the djinn is faultlessly depicted and expanded, and Kerr balances the resolution with enough uncertainties to draw readers back for the next installment. This work is likely to win new fans as well as please those who enjoyed the previous book." --VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATES


--- - ! 'From Children of the Lamp #7: The Grave Robbers of Genghis Khan

John had never experienced an earthquake before and all earlier thoughts that he would like to know what one felt like were now quite forgotten. "We have to get outside," he yelled at Groanin. "In case the building comes down on our heads."

"I know that, you young scamp," growled the butler. "I wasn''t born yesterday, more''s the pity."

Most of the guests walked quickly toward the safety of the poolside and the hotel''s extensive gardens and orange groves. John and Groanin would probably have followed them too but for the fact that they caught sight of Nimrod and Philippa heading out onto the terrace at the back of the hotel. It hardly seemed like the safest place given the height of the cliff below the terrace railing.

"Sir," Groanin called. "We shall perish if we remain here. At any moment this whole flipping terrace might collapse and land us in the sea. Surely caution dictates that we should follow the rest of the guests into the garden."

John pointed across the Bay of Naples at Vesuvius. "Look, there," he said, quietly.

Groanin stared out to sea and saw that from the four thousand foot high summit of Vesuvius - so quiet and unremarkable the previous day - a long thin gray plume of smoke was now drifting up into the violet-blue sky.


ISBN: 9780545126601

448pp. | 6 x 9