Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #1: School. Hasn't This Gone on Long Enough?

Series: Dear Dumb Diary Year Two

by Jim Benton, Illustrated By Jim Benton

Scholastic Paperbacks
January 2012

Ages 8 – 12 . Grades 3 – 7

Library of Congress: N/A

Lexile measure: 940L

DRA: 50

Guided Reading: V


Dear Dumb Diary is a hilarious hit! Now after 12 books (each covering a month of her life), Jamie Kelly's upcoming diaries have a fresh look and a fun twist. It's Dear Dumb Diary: Year Two! The diary entries are still laugh-out-loud funny -- but this is a whole new beginning. Everything is another year dumber!

As Jamie grapples with school, grades, and middle school's Big Questions, don't miss even more of her words of wisdom like, "If someone is really, really intelligent, it would be polite if they would ugly it up a bit before they left the house."

(Jamie STILL has no idea that anybody is reading her diary. So please, please, please don't tell her.)
Jim Benton

Jim Benton is an award-winning author and artist. You may know some of the other things he's made, like It's Happy Bunny, Dear Dumb Diary, Franny K. Stein, Victor Shmud, and more. He's created a TV series, written books, and produced a movie, and he always did everything his parents told him to do. Pretty much. Jim lives in Michigan with his wife and kids and can be found online at


  • "Benton is a genius at expressing a believable preteen girl worldview without silly vernacular or dumbing down to his audience."


--- - ! "Dear Whoever Is Reading My Dumb Diary,
\tStop it.
\tI know you're hoping to read my diary and find out what it is about me that makes me so awesome.
\tAnd you probably want to steal my beauty secrets, like how not trying to be beautiful all the time makes me beautifuller. Or maybe you're hoping to get a glimpse of my supersecret art secrets, like how I make glitter stick to things. (Okay, maybe that one is not that secret, but I do have other things about me that are way greater than they need to be.)
\t“Way Greater Than She Needs To Be.” I'm getting older now, and I need to think about the future. So I officially authorize that saying to be engraved on the first twenty large statues people create of me. After that, they can choose other super-complimentary things.
\tFrequent use of the word “cute” is also authorized, although I really prefer “kewt.” (It's kewter.)
\tAlso, parents, if you're reading this, stop reading my diary now. I know I'm not supposed to point out other people's flaws, but I didn't actually point them out, I only wrote them out. And if you punish me for it, I'll know that you read my diary. Not only am I not giving you permission to do that, it will just prove how much less awesome you are than me.

Jamie Kelly"
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ISBN: 9780545377614

160pp. | 5-¼ x 7-⅝