Ancient India

Series: The Ancient World

by Allison Lassieur

Children's Press
September 2012

Ages 11 – 13 . Grades 6 – 8

Lexile measure: 1140L

DRA: 60

Guided Reading: X



This book charts the rise and fall of these civilizations, exploring their governments, culture, and geography. Readers (Grades 6-9) will also discover how archaeologists have uncovered artifacts to learn about these ancient peoples and how the discoveries and innovations of Ancient India continue to influence the world today.
Allison Lassieur

Allison Lassieur is a professional freelance author who began her career in publishing as an avid D&D player. Lassieur worked for thirteen years in the publishing industry as an editor for magazines such as Disney Adventures and Highlights for Children.

She's edited game products for TSR, West End Games, and Sierra Online. In addition, she has more than two dozen nonfiction children's books to her credit and has contributed to such magazines as National Geographic World and Scholastic News.

Lassieur lives and works in Eastern Pennsylvania.



Perfect-bound Paperback

ISBN: 9780531259801

112pp. | 7-⅞ x 9-¼