The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book #4: Space Explorers : Space Explores

Series: The Magic School Bus, A Science Chapter Book

by Eva Moore, Illustrated By Ted Enik

Scholastic Paperbacks
October 2000

Ages 7 – 9 . Grades 2 – 4

Library of Congress: N/A

Lexile measure: 640L

DRA: 38

Guided Reading: P



The Magic School Bus blasts off on a tour of the Milky Way planets, and the kids discover how the other planets are different from Earth. Not only do they all have different temperatures, but each planet has a different atmosphere as well. Ms. Frizzle's class finds out why Earth is just right for human life - there really is no place like your home planet. But the kids also find out how far away the planets are, and how long it would really take to get there if they didn't have a Magic School Bus. This field trip is definitely far out!
Eva Moore

Eva Moore has been writing and editing children's books for more than forty years. She is the beloved author of many popular books, and lives in Montauk, New York.


Paperback / softback

Perfect-bound Paperback

ISBN: 9780439114936

80pp. | 5-¼ x 7-⅝