If You Hopped Like A Frog

by David M. Schwartz, Illustrated By James Warhola

Scholastic Press
September 1999

Ages 7 – 10 . Grades 2 – 5

Library of Congress: 98046546

Lexile measure: AD740L

DRA: 20

Guided Reading: L



If you hopped like a frog.... you could jump from home plate to first base in one mighty leap!
If you lifted like an could lift a car!
If you grew as much in your first nine months of life as you grew in the nine months before you were would weigh more than 2 1/2 million elephants and would be taller than a mountain!
Did you know that a frog can jump 20 times its body length? Or that an ant can lift 50 times its weight? Or that a baby's weight increases 3 1/2 billion times during the nine months before it is born?
These are but a few of the outrageous ratios that will amaze everyone! Students and teachers alike will have hours of fun exploring these delightful comparisons -- and inventing endless others of their own!
David Schwartz has written the book in simple statements. And with a stretch of his imagination, artist James Warhola takes off on these wacky "what if" situations as he literally depicts the super-humans that would exist if people had the same super qualities as animals. For more serious math buffs, the author provides pages at the back of the book with equations and scientific facts that show just how these wacky but fascinating ratios are measured. As with How Much Is a Million?, this is another math book with endless possibilities for involving and exciting math lessons. Teachers will love this as much as their students will!
James Warhola

Artist and illustrator James Warhola is the nephew of Andy Warhol. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design from Carnegie Mellon University and then studied at the Art Students' League of New York. He has designed over 300 science fiction and fantasy covers for books by such authors as Spider Robinson, Heinlein, and W. Gibson. He also serves as a consultant to the Museum of Modern Art (the Warhol Family Museum) in Medzilaborce, Ruthenia, the ancentral home of the Warhol family.

Since 1987, he has concentrated on illustrating children's books, including If You're Happy and You Know It and The Wheels on the Race Car for Orchard Books. He wrote and illustrated Uncle Andy's, which won a 2004 IRA Children's Book Award.

James Warhola lives in Tivoli, New York, with his family.



Jacketed Hardcover / Smyth

ISBN: 9780590098571

32pp. | 8-½ x 11