Strange Mysteries of the Unexplained

by Oliver Doyle

Scholastic Paperbacks
October 2012

Ages 10 – 13 . Grades 5 – 8

Lexile measure: 1030L

DRA: 40

Guided Reading: R

Is bigfoot real? Do giant squids live in the ocean? Did Atlantis exist? Examine the evidence, then you decide!
This book will delve into unsolved mysteries throughout history on a quest for the truth. It will seek the answers to questions like, is Bigfoot real? Do UFOs exist? And what's really lurking in the waters of the Loch Ness? Kids will delight in the colored photos, sordid history, and fun facts in Strange Mysteries of the Unexplained. The mysteries questioned inside will give readers the tools to examine the unknown.


Paperback / softback

Perfect-bound Paperback

ISBN: 9780545478243

96pp. | 6 x 9