by Donna Cooner

April 2014

Ages 12 – 18 . Grades 7 – 12

Lexile measure: 670L



This novel kickstarted a national conversation on weight, beauty, and transformation. In it, we meet Ever, a fifteen-year-old girl who weighs over 300 pounds and is haunted by a voice in her head she calls "Skinny." Skinny tells Ever she is ugly. Fat. Unlovable. And Ever believes her. When Ever makes the controversial choice to have gastric bypass surgery, she does start losing weight and gains the interest of boys...but Skinny is still there, louder than before. Ever will need to confront that voice before she can truly find, and accept, her own.
Donna Cooner

Donna Cooner is the acclaimed author of Skinny, Can't Look Away, Worthy, Screenshot, and Fake. A Texas native and graduate of Texas A&M University, Donna currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband, a cat named Stu, and two chocolate Labradors, Roxanne and Murphy. Follow @donnacooner on Twitter or visit her online at


  • Praise for SKINNY

    "Will appeal to girls who struggle with doubts and fears, whether dealing with weight issues, loneliness, or lack of popularity." -- School Library Journal

    "Debut novelist Cooner's real-life experience with gastric bypass lends the story an irrefutable authenticity…a crucial text." -- Booklist

    "Compelling." -- Kirkus

    "Resounding . . . with wit, compassion, and courage, SKINNY will speak to everyone who has ever felt invisible or unlovable." -- Kathi Appelt, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author and winner of the Newbery Honor


--- - ! "From SKINNY

\t\"I have to tell my dad something.\"
\t\"Tell him quick.\" The nurse unlocks the brakes on the hospital bed.
\tMy dad clears his throat. \"I love you, Ever,\" he says.
\t\"I can hear, Dad. In my ear.\"
\tThey start to roll the bed down the hall.
\t\"I need to tell him,\" I mumble.
\tThe operating room is freezing. Lying on my back, I squint up at the big lights.
\t\"Her name is Skinny,\" I say. Then everything goes black."