Clifford's First School Day

by Norman Bridwell, Illustrated By Norman Bridwell

Scholastic Inc.
August 1999

Ages 4 – 8 . Grades PreK – 3

Library of Congress: 99012688

Lexile measure: 440L

DRA: 18

Guided Reading: K



Emily Elizabeth remembers taking her small red puppy Clifford to school and all the comical calamities that occured there. Clifford tries to fingerpaint and, sliding through the paint, makes a very creative masterpiece. Then, during water play, he is captain of the ship, until he tips over the mast and falls into the water! A bag of flour used to make cookies for snack time intrigues Clifford, until it falls on him, and covers him with white powder! Oh Clifford! However, he's not done yet. Outside, Emily Elizabeth puts him on a slide and, CRASH! He lands in someone's sand castle! But Clifford helps repair it and all is well. Emily Elizabeth's teacher asks her to bring Clifford back when he's a little bigger. As Emily Elizabeth says, "She should see him now."

Featuring a full page of stickers!
Norman Bridwell

Norman Bridwell was the author and illustrator of numerous children's books, including the beloved Clifford series. The delightful stories about a big red dog named Clifford and his friend, Emily Elizabeth, have sold over 126 million copies in 13 languages!


Paperback / softback

Square Saddle-stitch Paperback

ISBN: 9780439082846

32pp. | 8 x 8