I Am #5: George Washington

Series: I Am

by Grace Norwich

Scholastic Paperbacks
December 2012

Ages 7 – 10 . Grades 2 – 5

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Lexile measure: NC1080L

DRA: 40

Guided Reading: S


Just in time for President's Day, children will be moved by Washington's revolutionary vision for our country. Celebrated war hero, George Washington used his progressive ideals to become the first President of the US, earning the nickname "Father of his country." Readers will be inspired by Washington's heroic journey to make America a better place.
Grace Norwich

Grace Norwich has written many books for young readers on a variety of topics, including health, fashion, animals, and more. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.


--- - ! "The Continental Congress asked George to take command of the newly formed Continental Army, but George didn't know if he was up to the task. Could he really lead an army against the British? In his military track record, he had more losses than wins. George had little experience compared to the generals on the opposite side, who spent years training and then out in battles leading the most important army in the world.
Others expressed great faith in him, but that did little to relieve his doubts. Still, in the end, he agreed to become leader of the new American army.
\tArmy was a loose word for the sixteen thousand soldiers under George's command. Many of them were young (some no older than fifteen!) and poor with no military training at all. They had joined for the chance to make a little money. They might not have the cream of the crop, but George was lucky to have anyone join. Throughout the Revolutionary War, there were never enough soldiers and even less food, gunpowder, and clothes to fortify them.
The odds of this scrappy little army beating a world superpower seemed slim to none. The British had more men, more supplies, more money, and more confidence. The Americans, though, did have two crucial elements going for them. They were fighting on home turf and for a cause in which they believed in deeply."
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