The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep - Audio : THE GLITCH IN SLEEP

by Michael Wexler, John Hulme

Scholastic Audio Books
November 2007

Ages 9 – 12 . Grades 4 – 7



The world as you know it was created and is still maintained by The Seems. From the Department of Weather to the Department of Emotions, the Seems ensure our world is just as we like it. Occasionally, something in one of these departments will break down, and a Fixer is sent in to repair it before there is damage to our world. Becker Drane may seem like your average 7th grader, but he's actually one of 37 Fixers in the entire world, and is just about to embark on his first mission. Will Becker fix the Glitch in Sleep and become the hero of the Seems, or will his first assignment be his last?
John Hulme

MICHAEL WEXLER and JOHN HULME are the authors of The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep. They have also edited a collection of short stories for adults called Voices from the Exiled and authored other works of nonfiction for adults. Michael and John both live in the New York City area.
Michael Wexler

Michael Wexler and John Hulme are the editors of Voices of the Xiled, a short story collection for adults, and authors of other works of adult nonfiction. Michael and John both live in the New York City area.