Pet Hotel #2: A Big Surprise

Series: Pet Hotel

by Kate Finch, Illustrated By John Steven Gurney, Tim Jessell

Scholastic Paperbacks
July 2013

Ages 7 – 10 . Grades 2 – 5

Lexile measure: 720L

DRA: 34

Guided Reading: O



The next guest at the Pet Hotel is a tabby cat named Matilda. But Meg and Charlie are worried, because she doesn't want to play -- all she wants to do is hide and nap! What's wrong with Matilda?

In the meantime, Elvis the cockatiel is causing trouble during his stay. He keeps stealing food from the kitchen, and he won't leave Matilda alone! Is he just a mischief maker, or does he know something about the tabby cat that Meg and Charlie don't?
Kate Finch

Kate Finch lives in a regular house with regular pets -- but maybe she'll start a pet hotel of her own one day! PET HOTEL is her first series.


--- - ! "From PET HOTEL #2: A BIG SURPRISE

\t\"Tuk . . . tuk . . . tuk . . .\" The little cockatiel made a clicking sound with his beak and strutted around the kitchen, weaving between Meg and Charlie's legs. He stopped behind Buster. Before Buster had time to figure out what was happening, Elvis hopped onto his tail, walked up his back, and jumped off the puppy's head onto a kitchen chair!
\t\"Woof!\" Buster barked, shaking himself from nose to tail. He was clearly surprised at being used as a step-ladder.
\tElvis looked up longingly at the fruit on the table and whistled as loudly as he could.
\t\"It's a shame he won't fly anymore,\" Saffron commented between the barks, whistles, and laughter.
\tThe twins looked at each other. Now that they thought about it, they'd never seen Elvis fly -- he hopped everywhere!
\t\"What's the matter with him?\" Charlie asked.
\t\"Elvis's owner, Anton, told me that Elvis stopped flying after he hurt his wing,\" Saffron explained. \"It's completely healed now, but he still doesn't want to use it.\"
\t\"Maybe he's forgotten how to fly,\" Meg suggested.
\t\"Or he's scared to try,\" Charlie added. Then his eyes lit up. \"Maybe we can help him fly again!\""
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ISBN: 9780545505000

96pp. | 5-¼ x 7-⅝