Starring Jules: Third Grade Debut (Starring Jules #4)

Series: Starring Jules

by Beth Ain

Scholastic Press
September 2015

Ages 8 – 9 . Grades 3 – 4

DRA: 38

Guided Reading: P



Jules is a third grader at last! But so far, the reviews aren't good. Her new teacher makes her feel totally tongue-tied. Charlotte shows up on the first day wearing the one thing Jules really wants but will never get. And she already has
homework-researching a famous person to become for the class wax museum project. But how will she decide who to be?

Even worse, her after-school sitcom rehearsals are harder than ever-especially since the TV show is about to air for all the world to see. Jules needs to find her inner superstar if third grade is ever going to be a smash hit.
Beth Ain

A Pennsylvania girl at heart, Beth Ain fell in love with life in New York City, and she loves trying to capture the essence of family life there. Thankfully, she now has the benefits of both city and small town life, having settled in Port Washington, NY, where she lives very happily with her husband and their two kids.


  • Praise for Starring Jules (as herself):

    * "Ain gives Jules a truly funny narrative voice; her personality, misunderstandings, and tendency to overthink things are the driving force behind the story..." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

    "Debut author Ain introduces a new chapter-book darling with pizzazz and quite a stage presence." -- Kirkus Reviews

    Parents magazine, best new series 2013


--- - ! "I walk in and something strange is going on. No one else is in the room. Not even the teacher. Not even Charlotte, who is always first to everything. I feel the butterflies rev up in my belly and I try to calm them by finding my cubby and unpacking my backpack. The best part of arriving for the first day of school is pulling out of your brand-new rainbow-striped backpack the perfect black-and-white marble notebook and a box of pointy, sharpened pencils, ready for freewriting.
\t\"Oh, hello there!\" I hear behind me, and I turn around to see Mr. Santorini and a whole pack of kids filing in behind him. I feel like there's a spotlight shining on me. And not in a good way.
\t\"Hi,\" I say quietly, making sure not to open my mouth so wide that little diced omelet tomatoes come flying out.
\t\"I grabbed the early birds who were here for a quick run down the hall to get some nervous first-day energy out.\" Then he turns back to the small group and says \"Ten-hut!\" and clicks he shoes together so loud my belly drops to my feet. My friends look at each other. \"We'll get to that later, sailors.\"
\tI feel my mouth hanging open a little and close it quickly. Early birds? A quick run in the hallway? Sailors? This Mr. Santorini feels like a character on Look at Us Now! and not like a real-life teacher at all."