Splash's Secret Friend (Dolphin School #3)

Series: Dolphin School

by Catherine Hapka

Scholastic Paperbacks
July 2016

Ages 7 – 8 . Grades 2 – 3

Lexile measure: 530L

DRA: 34

Guided Reading: O


When Splash doesn't show up to dolphin school on time, Pearl, Echo, and Flip are worried. It's the season of the annual shark migration, and he could be in danger! Later, they learn he's hiding a big secret. He's made a new friend -- who's a shark!

Everyone is shocked. But the shark is young, and lost from his family. Will Pearl and her friends defy the rules and help a scary creature home?
Catherine Hapka

Catherine Hapka has written many books for children and young adults. She lives in Pennsylvania and enjoys reading, horseback riding, music, gardening, and traveling.


Paperback / softback

Perfect-bound Paperback

ISBN: 9780545750264

112pp. | 5-¼ x 7-⅝