Genie in a Bottle (Whatever After #9)

Series: Whatever After

by Sarah Mlynowski

Scholastic Press
September 2017

Ages 8 – 11 . Grades 3 – 6

Lexile measure: 470L

DRA: 40

Guided Reading: S

Be careful what you wish for...
When my brother, Jonah, and I travel through our mirror into the story of Aladdin, we're excited. There will be magic lamps and genies granting wishes. Right?
The genie we meet isn't QUITE as helpful as we expected. And if Aladdin's wishes don't come true, he won't get to marry the princess and live happily ever after!
Now we have to:
- Escape an enchanted cave
- Find forty buckets of jewels
- Plan a parade
- Learn to fly a magic carpet
Otherwise we'll run out of wishes... and never get home!
Sarah Mlynowski

Sarah Mlynowski is the New York Times bestselling author of the Whatever After series, the Magic in Manhattan series, Gimme a Call, and a bunch of other books for tweens and teens, including the Upside-Down Magic series, which she cowrites with Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins. Originally from Montreal, Sarah now lives in Los Angeles with her very own prince charming and their fairy tale-loving daughters. Visit Sarah online at and find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @sarahmlynowski.


--- - ! '"So now can I go play duckball?" Jonah asks. "Prince is being good. Look."

I glance down at Prince. He''s napping. I yawn again. I wish I could take a nap.

I look over at the game. It does actually look like fun. "Okay, fine. Go ahead."

"Yay!" Jonah says, and runs over to Aladdin.

"I can play, right?" Jonah asks him.

Aladdin smiles. "Sure. But I''m pretty good, so watch out," he says, and whams the ball at Jonah. But not that hard, I notice.

Awww, Aladdin really is a nice guy.

Jonah catches the ball and throws it at a boy. The ball bounces off his leg and hits a girl in the stomach.

The girl doubles over and at first I think she''s hurt, but she''s laughing. "Guess I''m out," she says, and tosses me a ball.

Oh, why not? I AM pretty good at dodgeball. I just hate the getting-hit-with-the-ball part.

"Try to get me!" Aladdin calls to me, grinning. I grin back and throw the ball as hard as I can and --

Oops. The ball hits him right in the face.

GULP. His nose is bleeding!

Oh, NO!

"I am SO sorry!" I say, rushing over to him. "Are you okay?"

Jonah runs over to us, too, looking worried.

The rest of the kids stop playing and gather around.

"I''ll be okay," Aladdin says, covering his nose with his hand. But he doesn''t look that okay. "I''ll just run home for an ice pack. You guys keep playing!"

The rest of the kids start the game again, but Jonah and I head back over to the stone wall, watching as Aladdin dashes off down the road.

"I feel terrible," I say. I started off wanting to help Maryrose and now I''ve ended up HURTING Aladdin!'