Who Let the Gods Out?

by Maz Evans

Chicken House
April 2017

Ages 8 – 12 . Grades 3 – 7

Lexile measure: 800L

Elliot Hooper wants nothing more than a regular life for him and his mom. Then a Constellation of the Zodiac crashes from the sky into a pile of cow dung in front of him, and that wish explodes in a spray know.

Virgo, a 1,964-year-old girl, is on a routine mission to Earth and ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from interacting with mortals. So of course she takes Elliot along with her. But when an evil daemon named Thanatos escapes to wreak terrible havoc, their routine mission turns not-so-routine. For if Elliot and Virgo don't track down the retired Zeus and the rest of the Olympians and help them catch Thanatos, mortals and gods alike won't be long for this earth.

Elliot Hooper's life just got a whole lot more LEGENDARY.
Maz Evans

Debut author Mary Evans is an author, scriptwriter, playwright, lyricist, journalist, poet, dinner lady, and whatever else pays the gas bill. As a freelance TV journalist, Mary has written for The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Sun, TV Times, TV Easy and regularly broadcasts on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio Five Live. She has puddle-water eyes and very disobedient hair. She likes sunflowers, things that rhyme and eating pudding first. She doesn't like rude, getting up in the morning or Wednesdays. You can visit her online at and @MaryAliceEvans.


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ISBN: 9781338065626

320pp. | 5-½ x 8-¼