Deep-Sea Exploration : Science Technology Engineering

Series: Calling All Innovators: A Career for You

by Wil Mara

Children's Press
February 2015


Lexile measure: 1110L

DRA: 60

Guided Reading: Y

Calling All Innovators series introduces students to careers in science and technology. The complex text allows readers (Grades 5-8) to determine the main idea and explain how it is supported by key details.

Readers will find out how researchers and engineers are working to map out these mysterious depths. They will also learn how humans first began exploring the planet's oceans and how sea exploration has changed over time.
Wil Mara

Wil Mara, a lifelong fan of the National Football League, is the author of more than seventy-five books. He has written both fiction and nonfiction, for both children and adults. Aside from his “ NFL novels, ” he also wrote the 2005 disaster thriller Wave, which won the 2005 New Jersey Notable Book Award.



ISBN: 9780531211731

64pp. | 6-⅜ x 9