You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Math!

Series: You Wouldn't Want to Live Without...

by Anne Rooney, Illustrated By Mark Bergin

Franklin Watts
September 2016

Ages 8 – 18 . Grades 3 – 12

Lexile measure: 880L

DRA: 40

Guided Reading: S

This series takes readers (Ages 8-12) on a historical journey, examining how people coped in the past and how they developed ingenious ways to make life safer and less unpleasant. Each book features full-color cartoon-style illustrations and hilarious speech bubbles to heighten interest, making the series attractive even to reluctant readers.

You might not like numbers and math when you have to do your maths homework, but it would be hard to live without them. You wouldn't know how old you are, or how long you have to wait until it's the holiday. We couldn't build anything accurately, we'd have no computers and you couldn't even go shopping. No, you wouldn't want to live without math!
Anne Rooney

Anne Rooney has written extensively on modern science, technology and contemporary issues for young people. She has worked in the computer industry for about 20 years, as well as advising educational bodies on various technological matters.



ISBN: 9780531224618

32pp. | 8-½ x 9-½