Series: Follow Me Around...

by Wiley Blevins

Children's Press
February 2018

Ages 8 – 9 . Grades 3 – 4

With the help of a local named Harisha, readers will get an up-close look at this beautiful country and see how its people live. They will also learn about India's history and get an insider's view of local traditions, culture, and much more.
Wiley Blevins

Wiley Blevins has taught elementary school both in the United States and South America. He completed his undergraduate work in Elementary Education at Bowling Green State University and his graduate work in Education at Harvard University. Currently Editorial Specialist for Early Reading at Scholastic, Inc., Blevins is the author of several books on phonics instruction, including Phonemic Awareness Activities for Early Reading Success, Quick-and-Easy Learning Games: Phonics, and Phonics from A to Z: A Practical Guide.



ISBN: 9780531234594

32pp. | 8-⅜ x 7-¼