Thea Stilton and the Riddle of the Ruins (Thea Stilton #28) : A Geronimo Stilton Adventure

Series: Thea Stilton

by Thea Stilton, Illustrated By Thea Stilton, Translated By Andrea Schaffer

Scholastic Paperbacks
December 2018

Ages 7 – 10 . Grades 2 – 5

The Thea Sisters participate on a dig at Hierapolis. During their visit to the excavation site, Professor Brenninger unearths a series of priceless and very old figurines. But the Thea Sisters soon figure out that it's a scam. They start to investigate and discover that the figurines are fake, exposing Professor Brenninger's plans.
Thea Stilton

Thea Stilton is a special correspondent for The Rodent's Gazette, Mouse Island's most famouse newspaper. A graduate of Mouseford Academy, Ms. Stilton loves traveling and adventures. Find out more at


Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9781338268577

176pp. | 5-¼ x 7-⅝