Ghost Farming (The Magic School Bus Rides Again)

Series: The Magic School Bus Rides Again

by Gabe Polt, Illustrated By Artful Doodlers Ltd.

Scholastic Inc.
September 2018

Ages 3 – 5 . Grades PreK – Kindergarten

Wanda proudly hosts this year's school harvest feast, but she was so busy promoting it she forget to get the food! Luckily, Ralphie happens to know of a farm that grows the finest produce around, but there's a problem: he thinks it's haunted! There are tractors driven by ghosts, plants that climb walls, and so many robots! Could the spooky discoveries actually be helping the farm?
Gabe Polt

Gabe Polt loves learning surprising facts about animals, their talents, and their friendships! When she's not writing from her local library in Brooklyn, New York, Gabe enjoys watching her husband skateboard, making glue gun sculptures with her twin daughters, and spoiling their two cats, Cleveland and Zippy. Gabe also writes under the name Gabrielle Balkan.


Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9781338290813

24pp. | 8 x 8