Love Pug, The : A Wish Novel

by J. J. Howard

Scholastic Paperbacks
January 2020

Ages 8 – 12 . Grades 3 – 7

Emma's pug, Cupid, has a hidden talent: He is a master at matchmaking! Her pet seems to have a nose for spotting which two people belong together.

With the big school dance coming up, Emma decides to use Cupid's powers to find her best friend, Hallie, a date. But as Emma tries to navigate crushes and secrets, she finds that things are a lot more complicated than they seem. And what if Cupid also has a surprising match in mind . . . for Emma herself?

J. J. Howard

J.J. Howard is the author of Sit, Stay, Love; Pugs and Kisses; Pugs in a Blanket; The Love Pug; and That Time I Joined the Circus. She teaches English in Florida, where she lives with one very spoiled miniature dachshund named Willow. Visit J.J. online at


--- - ! 'Then, as though I''d magically made him appear with my words, Dad walked in to the café with Cupid on his leash.

And for the second time in two days, Cupid began barking excitedly and pulled so hard on his leash that Dad had to let go. But instead of running for me, as I would have expected, he made a beeline for Ms. Bates.

I stood up and rushed to Cupid, but Ms. Bates had already crouched down and was receiving a bunch of very wet pug kisses. Her giggle made her sound happier than I''d ever heard her.

Dad apologized and knelt down to pick up Cupid. My little pug squirmed around happily, and planted one giant, definitely germy, absolutely sweet pug kiss on my dad -- right on his mouth. With a glare, Dad handed Cupid back to me, and wiped his face with his jacket sleeve.

"I''m so sorry," Dad said again to Ms. Bates. "Cupid has never done that! I assure you, that dog was put through lots of training when he was a puppy. But I''m afraid my daughter and Theo encourage that . . . unsanitary habit." He pulled one of his handkerchiefs out of his jacket pocket -- Dad likes old-fashioned things too, which is probably where I get it -- and Ms. Bates accepted it, blotting at her face where Cupid had slobbered.

"It''s no problem," Ms. Bates said to Dad with a big smile.

I froze. Something in her voice and expression made me realize: Cupid had just done it again.

Except this time, it seemed like Cupid had chosen a match for my dad.'

ISBN: 9781338339345

272pp. | 5-¼ x 7-⅝