Series: A True Book (Relaunch)

by Karen Kellaher

Children's Press
February 2019

Ages 8 – 10 . Grades 3 – 5

A True Book: The Seven Continents series dives into the many components that make each continent distinctive and exceptional. Readers will get to know each continents' geography, history, wildlife and future outlook. This series includes an age appropriate (grades 3-5) introduction to curriculum-relevant subjects and a robust resource section that encourages independent study.

Readers will meet the unique plants and animals that call this frozen continent home, explore its unique history, examine the environmental concerns it embodies, and much more.
Karen Kellaher

Karen Kellaher develops and writes educational materials for K-8 teachers. She lives in New Jersey.



ISBN: 9780531128053

48pp. | 7-¼ x 8-⅜