U.S. Constitution, The : Why It Matters to You

Series: A True Book (Relaunch)

by Moira Rose Donohue

Children's Press
September 2019

Ages 8 – 10 . Grades 3 – 5

A True Book: Why it Matters series introduces young readers to the branches of the US government, the constitution and more, while engaging them to become productive citizens. This series includes an age appropriate (grades 3-5) introduction to curriculum-relevant subjects and a robust resource section that encourages independent study.

It is more than 200 years old, but it is still used every single day. And as old as it is, it is still a living document. Even today, it evolves as the country changes. Explore how this document was created so many years ago and how it continues to matter to every single American.
Moira Rose Donohue

Moira Rose Donohue's fresh take on this underappreciated aspect of grammar will cheer up students and teachers everywhere. She lives in Virginia.



ISBN: 9780531231838

48pp. | 7-¼ x 8-⅜