Where's Clifford?

by Kara Sparks, Created By Norman Bridwell, Illustrated By Norman Bridwell

Scholastic Inc.
July 2020

Ages 3 – 5 . Grades PreK – Kindergarten

This sturdy 12-page board book is an activity book and storybook in one! Clifford, Emily Elizabeth, and their friends are playing hide-and-seek. But Clifford is so big and red it's hard for him to hide! When Emily Elizabeth finds a book about animal camouflage, she gets a brilliant idea for the best way for Clifford to hide...

Use the water pen to color in different scenes and animals in the story. Once you've decorated every page of the book -- let it dry and then do it again! Featuring adorable art from the new TV show.
Norman Bridwell

Norman Bridwell was the author and illustrator of numerous children's books, including the beloved Clifford series. The delightful stories about a big red dog named Clifford and his friend, Emily Elizabeth, have sold over 126 million copies in 13 languages!



ISBN: 9781338614060

12pp. | 8-½ x 9-½