Attack On Pearl Harbor : World War II Strikes Home in the USA

Series: Xbooks

by Steve Dougherty

Children's Press
February 2020

Ages 8 – 13 . Grades 3 – 8

High-interest topics, real stories, engaging design and astonishing photos are the building blocks of the XBooks, a new series of books designed to engage and motivate reluctant and enthusiastic readers alike. With topics based in science, history, and social studies, these action-packed books will help students unlock the power and pleasure of reading... and always ask for more!

Mess Attendant Dorie Miller wasn't trained for combat. But as Japanese fighter planes fire at his ship, how will Miller and others in the U.S. Navy manage to defend themselves? The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 brought America into World War II.



ISBN: 9780531238165

48pp. | 5-⅜ x 7-⅝